Glass Dab Rigs

 How to Make Your Own Glass Dab Rigs

What is a dab rig? In the case of the cannabis community, the term "dab" has become synonymous with a glass of beer at a party, especially if you have the party at your house or apartment. Most people who use cannabis use a dab rig to prepare their marijuana blends. A typical dab rig consists of an empty glass bottle, a nail, banger or other bong, and a glass tube.

A dab is a chamber of glass pipe attached to a rubber or metal banger, usually found in the bongs and pipes set. These types of rigs can be used for many different kinds of cannabis preparations. New dabbers might be overwhelmed by the technical process, upfront investment, and the number of tools needed to use pipes and dab rigs. However, these tools will make the process easier and most important of all, safe.

The first step in getting the right dab is finding the proper glass for the rig. Dab rigs are generally made from clear glass, because it is easier to see through than colored glass. Clear glass can also be used in glass bongs and pipes, but there are also some types that have a clear acrylic glass insert. Before making your purchase, ensure the glass you choose is clear and shatterproof.

To clean your glass, you must first put the nail into the glass tube. When the nail is in place, slide the glass tube out and then place the nail in between the glass and the nail to hold it in place. When this is done, simply wash the nail with water. This will clean the nail and remove any dirt.

Once the glass pipe is ready, attach it to the nail using the glass banger and the nail. The nail will help prevent the glass pipe from moving when you smoke and allows the banger to lock in position. It will also prevent the nail from falling out of the glass tube. For the glass banger, you must find one with a long nail so it will be strong enough to keep the glass banger in place.

Next, you must attach the hanger to the glass pipe. This can be done in several ways. One way is to simply slide the banger over the glass pipe like a cap, another is to drill holes in the glass pipe with a hole tool. A third method is to attach the nail the banger through the pipe to a piece of wood or metal. You should use nails that are at least six inches long, since the nail must be long enough to fit the lengthwise into the pipe.

When the hanger is attached, take the nail and insert it into the pipe where the banger fits snugly. Push the nail to seal the banger in place and ensure it is tightly. You can tighten the banger and place it over the glass with silicon caulking.

After sealing the glass and the banger, attach the glass and banger to the nail, twist the pipe and insert the nail into the hole to keep the banger in place. Tighten the pipe and attach the banger back into the nail to secure the banger to the glass. Lastly, turn the pipe over and place the nail over the glass to ensure you have a good seal and your glass is securely in place.Learn more at

The next step is to enjoy your dab rigs! If you are smoking with the glass pipe, the smoke will be drawn through the glass and into your lungs. This means you will not only get more nicotine but also healthier air for your lungs. Smoking without the smoke drawing through the glass will leave you breathing in cigarette smoke. Since this makes you breathe in the bad stuff, you will end up with a stronger taste in your breath.

There are many ways to enjoy your dab rigs. You can light up as much or as little as you would like and enjoy your smoke!

If you want to learn more about dab rigs, you can go online and check out some of the many sites dedicated to the topic. There are many other articles available on different methods and tips to making the most of your dab rigs.